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liquorice cream rock

Liquorice Cream Rock

Indulge in the sweet and satisfying taste of our Liquorice Cream Rock! This delightful treat features a small tube of smooth liquorice, filled with a soft and creamy fondant center that will melt in your mouth with every bite. Each rock is meticulously crafted to ensure the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors. Whether you're a die-hard liquorice lover or just looking to try something new, this unique confection is sure to please your taste buds. Grab a handful of these delicious rocks and enjoy the classic combination of liquorice and cream in every bite!


    For allergens please see ingredients listed in bold.

    Sugar, cane sugar molasses, wheat flour, glucose syrup, wheat starch, modified potato starch, vegetable fat (coconut), liquorice extract, invert sugar syrup, pork gelatine, dextrose, vegetable oil (coconut), acids : citric acid, lactic acid; flavourings, colours: E150c, E120, E160a; plant extract: safflower.


    No wibbly full refund if you are not happy with thiks product.


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