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bag of liquorice gums

Liquorice Gums

Get ready to indulge in a timeless classic with Original Poor Bens Liquorice. This iconic British treat features a perfectly balanced combination of sweet and savory flavors that will satisfy any craving. Each piece is made with high-quality ingredients and lovingly crafted to ensure a delectable experience with every bite. Whether you're a lifelong fan of liquorice or trying it for the first time, Original Poor Bens Liquorice is sure to become a staple in your candy collection. Add a pack to your cart today and treat yourself to a taste of tradition!
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    For allergens please see ingredients listed in bold.

    Ingredients: Glucose syrup, Sugar, Water, Beef gelatine, Modified Potato Starch, Liquorice extract, Natural colour (Vegetable carbon), Vegetable oil (Palm oil, Coconut oil), Glazing agent (Carnauba wax).

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